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Tagged: Scion A/V

Pro Era Crew On the All-Purpose Show [video]

Prince Paul talks to the Pro Era Crew about forming as a music and art collective, taking 15 people on the road, and Crew member CJ Fly’s craziest tour moment.

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‘I.D.G.A.F.O.S.’ – Dillion Francis [video]

Los Angeles’ Dillon Francis has broken from the throng of young electronic music DJ/producers with a stream of world-class remixes and releases. For more content and information visit Available for purchase at

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‘Deeper’ – Codes & Craze [music vid]

A widescreen slab of delicious house music from Slow Roast Records homies Codes and Craze gets an equally epic treatment in this new video. On a labyrinthine mission to recover top secret devices, a sultry chick gets in a serious predicament. Look out!

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