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Joey Bada$$ Performs Live @ The #WATAAHWALL In NYC [video]

WAT-AAH!’S TAKING BACK THE STREETS pulls off its latest stunt in its mission to make drinking water cool to kids with a secret pop up concert by rapper Joey Bada$$ at #WATAAHWALL on Prince & Lafayette Street.

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Fat Belly – Homeboy Sandman [music video]

Homeboy Sandman from ‘White Sands’ produced by Paul White. Directed by Bunny Bread of Code Emphasis.

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Mr. Wonderful – Joey Bada$$ [Prod. Kirk Knight]

Joey Bada$$ presents “Mr. Wonderful”. Produced by Kirk Knight, this exclusive will be the hype track for UFC Light Heavyweight, Phil Davis. Tune-in to the UFC 172 fight live on PPV Saturday, April 26th and check out this #UFChypetrack! Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by

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Akie Bermiss: B-Side [video]

B-Side is Brooklyn Independent Media’s live in-studio music series, featuring performances from emerging and established musicians. Our outstanding guest for this episode is Akie Bermiss, a pianist, composer, and singer who lives and works in Brooklyn, and graduated from Bard College with degree in music composition. Our acclaimed host is Sahr Ngaujah, the Tony-nominated actor/singer […]

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Silent Murder ft. Ruste Juxx & Sean Price – Innocent? [music video]

There’s no doubt about it that Brooklyn births some of the most stone cold characters in our nation’s history. From Bugsy Siegel to Biggie, Brooklynites never back down from any challenge, even it it involves making enemies in the process. But through the lyrically poised Innocent?, scrappy spitter Ruste Juxx, and raw rhymes of Sean […]

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The African Dream ft. Temu – Negash Ali [music video]

Negash Ali, 23 – unlike most other artists Negash’ spent his first 5 years in various refugee camps; With “The African Dream” Negash wants to introduce people to his unconventional life story. The African Dream is the 3rd video of Negash Ali’ critically acclaimed EP of the same title.

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