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‘Theo vs. J.J.’ – SkyZoo [mixtape]

Theo vs J.J. picks up where “The Great Debater” left off and leads you into the upcoming album “A Dream Deferred,” out 10/02. Previous: ‘A Dream Deferred’ Album Art & Track List – SkyZoo

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‘Beans & Rice’ Vol. 3 – Alvarez Masterminded [Mixtape Hosted By Ampbition & Frank Scheme]

Alvarez Masterminded, Rochester MC and Producer, has released his latest mixtape for the masses to enjoy. This mixtape is 18 tracks deep with thought provoking material, some bangers and that traditional Rochester hip-hop recipe you can’t get enough of. Paired with a loud stereo, this package is enough to feed the family. Enjoy. Download Mixtape […]

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Download: ‘Beans & Rice’ Vol. 3 – Alvarez Masterminded [Mixtape Hosted By Ampbition & Frank Scheme]

‘I.D.K.’ – I.D. & P.A. Knit [Mixtape Hosted By Tim Tones]

I.D. (Grindtime / TCF /CREEPS / Rochester) & P.A. Knit (Southside / Fordline / Rochester, NY) decided to let their latest mixtape, ‘I.D.K.’, out of the bag for you guys on the net after about six months shipping the discs around the area. The tape features production by cats like Skitzo, Woody, Nugz and H-Dot […]

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Download: ‘I.D.K.’ – I.D. & P.A. Knit [Mixtape Hosted By Tim Tones]

‘The Words Of A Scribe’ – Contac [Mixtape]

A new collection of rhymes from Contac over some industry beats, plus a bunch of lost gems. Enjoy. the words of a scribe mixtape by contac Previous: ‘Skitzophrenia’ – Contac (Prod. Skitzo)

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‘HiSkyWorld’ – Hiri Sky Walker [mixtape]

MusicForTheDef/OurTalentTakingOVer presents HiriSkyWalker’s debut mixtape entitled “HiSkyWorld”. The music pretty much speaks for its self so with that being said click the download/listen button and enjoy. Give this kid a lot of credit, he’s a young teenager that produces and writes all of his own music and he’s got a great head on his shoulders. […]

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Download: ‘HiSkyWorld’ – Hiri Sky Walker [mixtape]

‘Still Dreamin’ – CL [mixtape]

Still Dreamin’ is much more than a title, it’s a way of life. It represents the struggle and glory from childhood to adulthood. The focus is to change and better yourself, no matter the situation you’re in. Filled with deep lyrical content, CL takes you through a journey of life itself as he attempts to […]

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‘SmokeBreak: Back In 100 Minutes’ – Mr. Owl [Mixtape]

THE underground hip-hop mixtape for all you stoners and weed-heads – hey, you might even learn something between bong rips.  74 tracks blended into a 100-minute groove and over 120 artists represented, with a healthy majority of them from either the Pittsburgh or Soundcloud underground scenes. TIMEBOMB is putting out this mixtape… need I say anything more? […]

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Download: ‘SmokeBreak: Back In 100 Minutes’ – Mr. Owl [Mixtape]

‘Power Of Dollaz’ – Diego Dollaz [Mixtape]

Diego Dollaz teamed up with DJ Young Rob to drop his mixtape titled “Power Of Dollaz”. We got this in our drop-box from this cat so we thought we’d put it out there for you to check out. Leave some feedback. Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by

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Download: ‘Power Of Dollaz’ – Diego Dollaz [Mixtape]

‘#WinnersBreak’ – Trademark [Mixtape]

Check out Trademark’s latest mixtape ‘#WinnersBreak’ out of the DMV. Dig. 1. Standing Free (Prod.DeadstockDev) 2. John Lennon (Prod. @LLCool_Clay) 3.Looking Glass (Prod.DeadstockDev) 4. Lucid Dreams (Prod. LegendaryLos) 5. Rolling Stone (Prod.@LLCool_Clay) 6. Sheesh! (Prod. DeadstockDev) 7. 11.4. (Prod. DeadstockDev) 8. Can’t Get Enough/Reign Supreme (Prod. LegendaryLos) 9. Insidious (Prod. DeadstockDev) 10. Free (Prod. DeadstockDev) […]

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Download: ‘#WinnersBreak’ – Trademark [Mixtape]

The Best Of Stik Figa [mixtape]

Topeka, Kansas rapper Stik Figa recently signed to Mello Music Group and has his national debut of the album that made him a local celebrity, As Himself, coming April 17th. The record was prodcued entirely by Strange Music in-house producer Michael “Seven” Summers. As Himself is the first of two planned records for this year […]

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