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Rediculus – ‘Punchlines & Parables’ Available Now!

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Rediculous has a real gift for making the sounds he uses his own, and from track one you get the feeling that you are in for a musical treat. This cat truly understands the foundations of good Hip Hop and the authenticity is laid bare for all to see. We entered into this album not knowing what to expect, but finished it craving more from this talented musical creator. This really is one for the REAL heads, Rediculous has taken the influences from the best Hip Hop eras and has re-invented each sound to perfectly encapsulate what good Hip Hop should be. Our view of this offering is that Rediculous has taken huge leaps forward by stepping backwards to pay some real attention to the authenticity of each track.

Overall we canot stress enough, that if you are a true fan of Hip Hop then Rediculous simply has to be on your radar, we have no shame in saying that we are now amongst Rediculous’ number one fans, as “Masters Of Conversation – Punchlines and Parables” simply HAS to be an addition to any true Hip Hop fans collection.

Download: Rediculus – ‘Punchlines & Parables’ Available Now!

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