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Werd Play Freestyles Vol. 4

Happy Holidays kiddies!

In the spirit of giving and joyful tunes, we present to you another classic free download…’Werd Play Freestyles’ Vol. 4.

This edition features Harvey Who?, Reece Q, SMD, Gillateen, Moon Roc and Laz Green. It was recorded September 9th @ The Dub Land Underground by Alex Ng of Elekrobank, Saturdays at 10pm on 90.5 FM WBER. Hosted by me, Games.

This series has been so popular, not only are we going to have another event on January 6th (that’s a Wednesday), but December 12th, at an undisclosed location, we will be recording a very, very special edition of ‘Werd Play’, featuring The Brown Bag All Stars, Soul Khan, Koncept, J57, Audible Doctor, Reece Q, Hassaan Mackey, Moses, Coach Build Parsells, Moon Roc, Harvey Who?, Homeboy Sandman, P So and Brokn Englsh. This all-star cast will be rhyming over all local cat’s beats, including the works of DJ Tim Tones, Coach Build Parsells, DJ Dynamix, DJ Nugz, Sam.I.Am and Woody, as well as by J57 of The Brown Bag All Stars.

We will be releasing the project as a free digital download and it will be accompanied by full artwork.

Speaking of the artwork…

Do you want to make the cover for the first volume of the second edition??

Email us your entries to

Here are the requirements:

Must display the text “Werd Play Freestyles Special Edition: NYC vs. ROC”

Must be 400 x 400 pixels and RGB color.

Submit in jpg format.

Let’s see what you got!


Track Listing

1. Harvey Who?

2. Gillateen (M Gilla)

3. Reece Q

4. Moon Roc (Moonie)

5. Laz Green

6. SMD

Download: Werd Play Freestyles Vol. 4

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