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Rappin With Raven: Beatnuts Interview [video]

In this episode of “Rappin With Raven,” Raven visits The Beatnuts, Psycho Les and Ju Ju, and Tha Alkoholiks’ DJ E-Swift, at Goblin Studio in Queens, New York. Raven and the rap vets talk about the two groups coming together on the upcoming Liknuts project, their personal history, and their “non-beef” with East Coast or West Coast rap.
DJ E-Swift talks about going on tour with Biggie Smalls back in the ’90s, and reminds us that Biggie’s biggest influence flow-wise was actually a West Coast rapper. The Beatnuts also discuss being Latino rappers in Hip-Hop and accepting all forms of the genre, and they share a couple of tracks off the new Liknuts EP. Psycho Les also finds time to school Raven in Galactica, Ju Ju drops a freestyle, and DJ Tony Touch drops by.
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