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R.E.A.L. – 'Foot In Ass' Mixtape Volume 2

R.E.A.L. (Reality Ends All Lies)

This post is a first for this hip-hop duo from Rochester, NY. They recently threw a release party at The Dub Land Underground to celebrate the arrival and the turnout was pretty good.

These guys have come a long way, in my opinion, from when I first saw them last year at Dub Land. They were opening fairly often on the bill for the Afton booking company’s hip-hop nights. Afton, by the way, is a bunch of thievin’, unorganized and sneaky fucks. Sorry, had to put it out there. They rip off artists by having them sell tickets for the event (giving them a measly return on sales profits), they base the set order by ticket sales and to top it all off, they make THE ARTISTS print their own tickets. HA!

Oh, and they are based out of Oregon and are a bunch of granola eating bastards who know not one thing about the Rochester hip-hop market, much less anything about hip-hop culture.

Anyways, back R.E.A.L...that’s where I first started seeing these cats. And to be honest, the first few times, not really impressed. It wasn’t that they weren’t good at the time, it was just sort of blending in with the rest of the acts those evenings and wasn’t really saying much to me. Then, they participated in the Werd Play 3 recording. I saw a couple of brand new artists in them. Volatile‘s beats have been banging, while gaining praise from incoming New York City artists and LAVA has been consistently putting it in on the mic for not only Werd Play 3, but also on the recording yet to be released. (We recorded another Werd Play last Saturday with The Monsta Island Czars)

Check out this mixtape of theirs and look out for some tracks of theirs on DJ Tim Tones‘ upcoming mixtape, ‘Genesee Life‘.

Cheers fellas.

Foot In Ass Cover

Foot In Ass Back Cover

Track Titles In Zip

Download: R.E.A.L. – 'Foot In Ass' Mixtape Volume 2

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