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Audible Doctor (Brown Bag All Stars) – ‘The Crackers EP Vol. 1′

No cheese allowed on these ‘Crackers’, fuckers.

The Audible Doctor, of Brown Bag All Stars fame, has released his latest masterpiece, ‘The Crackers EP Vol. 1‘.

I may be a little biased because these are my boys, but I give not an ish. It’s rare that I can get into an instrumental album (The album is not entirely instrumental and does feature lyrical performances by The Audible Doctor himself as well as fellow Gotham rocker, Sene), but this one is a solid ride. His taste for classic rock definitely comes through, which I really dig and heĀ  he keeps it fresh and relevant to even commercial ears with tracks like ‘A Chance To Say’. I could chew on these for years.

I’m not exactly the best with reviews, so before I ramble on, let’s just enjoy the EP.

In the words of DJ Brace…”Of all up and coming hip-hop artists out right now, the Brown Bag All Stars are the most consistent and hardworking group there is.” True that.

Get these projects now, while they’re free…these cats are set to blow the uff up.

Crackers EP Vol. 1 Cover

Crackers EP Vol. 1 Back

Track Titles In Zip

Download: Audible Doctor (Brown Bag All Stars) – ‘The Crackers EP Vol. 1′

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