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Interesting / Sun4 – Moses Rockwell

Rochester, NY’s Moses Rockwell brings us a couple of new self-produced joints. Keep him on your rap radar.

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ahkwellington. dweeb supreme. one. – Moses Rockwell [album]

Yes! (un)cooked goods representative, and ACT LIVE affiliate, Moses Rockwell drops a brand new album out of nowhere and we’ve got it first! Check it out and stay tuned for more. This is the first of four in the Dweeb Supreme collection. ahkwellington. dweeb supreme. one. by Moses Rockwell

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Download: ahkwellington. dweeb supreme. one. – Moses Rockwell [album]

Karriem Loop 1 Freestyle – Moses Rockwell

Moses Rockwell and a little bit of Karriem Riggins. How can you go wrong? Check the new steez from our dude Moses.

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Button m a s h – Moses Rockwell [Prod. Sharp]

Rochester, NY’s (un)cooked goods crew presents a brand new track from the mind of Moses Rockwell, over a lo-fi Sharp beat. Peep it.

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now(ish) – Moses Rockwell [Prod. Kae Biz]

As Moses Rockwell and the (un)cooked goods camp get ready to release their project ‘(un)dertones: Regular Rap’, which is sounding pretty damn good by the way, you can catch a glimpse into this new package by checking out the music player below. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! (un)dertones: Regular Rap […]

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‘the good. people project’ (Ahkwellington) – Moses Rockwell

Our homie Moses Rockwell, or Ahkwellington as some of you may know him, has slowly been releasing his own original production joints inspired by the good people in his life. Word is there’s even a joint named after ACT LIVE founder James Niche! Woohaa! It’s an honor to be thought of so highly by this […]

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‘Where I Come From’ – Los Monroe [Prod. Kae Biz]

Straight out the mutha effin (unc)cooked goods crew in Rochester, NY is Los Monroe on a Kae Biz beat talking about where he comes from. Tune in! Previous: ‘Straight From The Soul’ – Los Monroe ft. Moses Rockwell (Music Video)

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‘De Aundre Bonds’ – Kae Biz [instrumental]

Our Rochester, NY based homie, Kae Biz has something out the beat oven for ya that we hope you will enjoy. For the MCs and music fans alike. Previous: ‘The Fresh Tape’ – Kae Biz

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‘The Fresh Tape’ – Kae B(iz)

Kae B(iz) of the (un)cooked goods crew just released a new tape chock full of new joints and a few oldies for ya. Kae B(iz) always comes correct with those drums, really digging this project. Kae B(iz) has contributed to many of Moses Rockwell’s projects and the two have been good friends, going way back. […]

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‘For Now’ – Los Monroe & Moses Rockwell [Prod. Kae Biz]

“I made this beat as an ode to the Tribe Called Quest/Pharcyde sound that Dilla helped provide. Once Los and Mos heard it we knew it was an instant go…. Champagne added that extra kick it needed… in the end we created a dope song everybody could relate to” – Kae Biz

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