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It Started Out – Playmakaz ft. Tragic & Azariah [music video]

Rochester, NY’s Playmakaz are back with us to feature their new video for ‘It Started Out’, directed by the homie DJ Ease. Enjoy!

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12:30 – The Playmakaz (Azariah & Tragic) [music video]

The second video off the ‘Up & Coming’ record from The Playmakaz (Azariah & Tragic). Previous: ‘Up & Coming’ – The Playmakaz (Mixtape)

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‘Up & Coming’ – PlayMakaz [Azariah & Tragic]

‘Up & Coming’ is the PLAYMAKAZ (TRAGIC & AZARIAH) first project as a duo it features production from D Rock, Nick Cicero, Steve O Tracks, Rodeo Fab, and Kidd Called Quest. The entire project was recorded and mixed by High Caliber Musics’ J.D. Riggz UP AND COMING by PLAYMAKAZ (AZARIAH&TRAGIC)

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‘Proceed’ – Azariah & Tragic [Prod. Kidd Called Quest]

The Kidd Called Quest, better known as Rochester, NY’s Percee P’ (ok, maybe only by us) has been dropping singles off his ‘Put Your Headphones On’ project. Dig in. AZARIAH & TRAGIC – PROCEED (P) BY KIDD CALLED QUEST by KidD CalleD QuesT

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