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Uber Shit – Rey Hook [EP]

Rochester’s Rey Hook is just one of many who complete a very unique Rochester, NY sound. It really comes through in this new EP from the homie. Enjoy. Uber Shit by Rey Hook

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Facts Of Life – Ops, eNox & Rey Hook [Prod. 9th Wonder]

Rochester, NY has talent and flavor, believe that. So many talented acts have spawned from that rust-belt city, including Ops, Rey Hook and eNox of the Open Jar click. Check it.

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‘Outlandish’ – Spittzwell [LP]

Spittzwell of the Beat Gods releases his latest LP ‘Outlandish’, a hard-hitting set of his signature boom-bap beats with cats like Pounds, Hassaan Mackey, Boog Brown and more handling vocals. This is today’s ‘must check’ record. Enjoy! outlandish by SPITTZWELL Previous: ‘SkyLine’ – Rey Hook (Prod. Spittzwell)

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‘Feel Inside’ – Rey Hook & Ops [Prod. D-Rock]

Here’s a joint from quite a while back that is now making the light of day, according to Rochester’s Rey Hook. Check it. Rey n Ops- Feel Inside by Rey Hook Previous Related: ‘Feel The Sunshine’ – BC Burns ft. Contac & Rey Hook (Prod. Contac)

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‘Feel The Sunshine’ – KC Burns ft. Contac & Rey Hook [Prod. Contac]

Contac recruits KC Burns and Rey Hook to handle business on this melancholy joint out of the Brawlic camp. Previous: ‘Asylum Freestyle’ – Contac

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‘All Up In My Way’ – Reece Q, Rey Hook & Contac [Prod. Ops]

Here’s a joint from the archives for you guys, featuring some of Rochester, NY’s finest. Previous Related: ‘Sauce On The Side’ Compilation

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‘The Bottom’ (Rough) – Rey Hook & Ops

Our homies in hip-hop, Rey Hook and Ops, just released a rough cut of an upcoming record and you get to hear it here first! Ops and Rey get to work with the pen on this one, shout out to Ops on that hook…good shit. Enjoy! Previous: ‘Skyline’ – Rey Hook

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The Influence Mixtape Radio Show #31

Nicolas Heller (Music Video Director/Ricky Shabazz & The Boom Bap Boys) joins us on the show this week to chop it up about his work as a boom-bap boy, video direction, Ricky’s Wontime Series and more. This cat is by far one of the most original and creative music video directors in the nation right […]

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Download: The Influence Mixtape Radio Show #31

‘SkyLine’ – Rey Hook [Prod. Spittzwell]

Rey Hook has a new single titled ‘SkyLine’, produced by Atlanta’s Spittzwell, that will appear on an upcoming project between the two. Enjoy.

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‘That Shhh…’ – Rey Hook ft. Moses Rockwell

Not sure if this was produced by Optix or D-Rock, but this track is nice. The mix is a lil rough, but whatever, that doesn’t change the vibe. This track was originally featured on Rey Hook’s ‘Grey Ghost’.

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