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‘Downer’ – Puppet The Grimey [artwork]

Puppet The Grimey (Supercoven, CREEPS), reppin Rochester, NY and hardcore hip-hop to the fullest, is getting ready to release his very-long-awaited LP ‘Downer’ which will be available on ACT LIVE very soon. Here’s your sneak preview at the cover art. While he is still finalizing some tracks and verses, we won’t be able to show […]

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‘Look-A-Like’ – Sound Principals

Back in February, Thievin Stephen (Rochester, NY) put together a beat orchestra consisting of producers and beat makers from the Rochester area including Hassaan Mackey, Moses Rockwell, Thievin Stephen, Kae Biz and Woodring with Reece Q, Moses Rockwell and Hassaan Mackey on the mic. This is the live recording of that session, recorded at the […]

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‘Slow Down’ & ‘Worm’s Eye View’ Sampler – SubSoil

SubSoil is getting ready to release ‘Dirt Worship’, their latest studio recording featuring 5 fresh new tracks from these Rochester, NY based hip-hop fusion party-starters. This download pack includes the first single ‘Slow Down’ featuring DJ Tim Tones on the cuts, a song that many of the fans have heard for the past few years […]

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Download: ‘Slow Down’ & ‘Worm’s Eye View’ Sampler – SubSoil

’5 Year Itch’ – Chilly [Beat]

Well lookie here! Originally featured on our Werd Play release, ‘Monsta Island Czars Edition’, Chilly releases this beat that he made 5 years ago for you to stream. 5 Year Itch by Chilly Listen to the Reece Q freestyle over this beat…fire. Recorded live at The Dub Land Underground in Rochester, NY. Reece Q Freestyle […]

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‘All Up In My Way’ – Reece Q, Rey Hook & Contac [Prod. Ops]

Here’s a joint from the archives for you guys, featuring some of Rochester, NY’s finest. Previous Related: ‘Sauce On The Side’ Compilation

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The Influence Mixtape Radio Show #50

The big 50!! This week we celebrate 50 episodes by highlighting a slew of the dope artists performing at our Rochester, NY farewell show on August 24th at The Dub Land Underground. As if that wasn’t enough, we have Vein of the up and coming group The Nezitiq Mute on the phone to chop it […]

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The Influence Mixtape Radio Show #47

Heyyoo. We have Puupet The Grimey, King Chino, E Nox and Y Class in the studio this week to talk about: A. King Chino’s new mixtape ‘Drug Addict Music (D.A.M.)’ B. Puppet The Grimey’s debut album ‘Downer’ C. Y Class’s up coming mixtape ‘Good Morning’ There’s a lot of shit talk in between. Enjoy. Background […]

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‘The Breakups’ – Reece Q & Ops [Prod. D-Rock]

One of the most common questions asked in hip-hop in Rochester, NY is…”Anybody seen Reece Q?” Well…anyone seen him?! Leave some comments if you have, but for now, chew on this new single from Ops, D-Rock and the man of mystery himself – Reece Q. The Breakup’s by D-rock, Optix, Reece Q

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The Influence Mixtape Radio Show #39

This week is a great one, we’ve got some great artists in the studio! I.D. and PA Knit kick off the show to talk about their mixtape ‘I.D.K.’ which will be available on ACT LIVE very soon (by the way). We then have Contac and Gweedo (Brawlic Bros.) in the studio to eat some killer […]

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‘Grown Up’ – Reece Q [Prod. Jon Woodring]

Reece Q, who’s been on a bit of a musical hiatus for the past 2 years, is back with a brand new something from Jon Woodring’s vault. Hope you enjoy. Reece Q has some plans with us down the line. You haven’t seen the last of him.

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