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‘Internet Sex’ – Blax [Prod. Reason Of 4AR]

From The Mad Bloggers and Rock the Dub presented BLAX x LIFE x FILES project released back in February, BLAX (formerly Adebisi) returns with the second official single ahead of the director’s cut video for Internet Sex. Produced by 4AR, BLAX explores the intimacy of Internet Sex.

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The Influence Mixtape Radio Show #32

This week’s a solid one. Eerie Canal, native of Rochester, NY, calls us up from North Carolina to say whats up and talk about his haps. We also have the young Hiri Sky Walker on the show to talk about his upcoming mixtape while Chilly stops by to say hi! On a side note, we […]

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‘Say Disease’ – Dirty Hank & Reason

“Call it anti-recession rap: a couple of artists content with their discontent exploring the depths of their Johnny Walker Red-scented underemployment. It’s The Monty Brogan EP, and it’s the latest project from Providence-based indie rap stalwarts Reason and Dirty Hank. It also marks the first official collaboration between Reason (best known for his work with […]

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