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Cross Burn ft. Jak Tripper & I.D. – Puppet The Grimey

As Puppet The Grimey gets ready to put out the long-awaited ‘Downer’ album, he’s released one of the deep cuts for preview. The Rochester based MC recruited Jak Tripper and fellow CREEP, I.D., for this joint. Check it.

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‘Downer’ – Puppet The Grimey [artwork]

Puppet The Grimey (Supercoven, CREEPS), reppin Rochester, NY and hardcore hip-hop to the fullest, is getting ready to release his very-long-awaited LP ‘Downer’ which will be available on ACT LIVE very soon. Here’s your sneak preview at the cover art. While he is still finalizing some tracks and verses, we won’t be able to show […]

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‘Lonely Nights’ & ‘How Do You Want It’ – C.R.E.E.P.S. [singles]

Rochester, NY’s C.R.E.E.P.S. crew has been getting busy in the studio recently, releasing a couple singles for all you night crawlers out there. ‘Lonely Nights’ is a first person look into the minds of King Chino, I.D. and Puppet The Grimey as they get introspective about their CREEP lives. In contrast, ‘How Do You Want […]

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‘Poverty/Paradise’ – Puppet The Grimey [Prod. NummSkulls]

Puppet The Grimey (Rochester, NY) is in the studio working on a brand new project featuring one of Western New York’s newest production teams – NummSkulls. The project, titled ‘MK: Ultra’, will be available this summer. For now, dig in to this new joint scheduled to be on the full project. Enjoy. Previous: ‘D.A.M.’ (Drug […]

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‘D.A.M.’ (Drug Addict Music) – King Chino [mixtape]

King Chino, one of the founding leaders in the CREEPS unit out of Rochester, NY releases his latest mixtape, ‘D.A.M.’ (Drug Addict Music), a street tested and approved record that hits right to the heart of hardcore and hip-hop fans alike. Repping the CREEPS, Live From The Gutta and 3 Letters crews, King Chino is […]

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Download: ‘D.A.M.’ (Drug Addict Music) – King Chino [mixtape]

‘What Time It Is’ – Rick Ferrari ft. King Chino

Rick Ferrari just got out the joint last year and now he’s back stronger than ever and getting it in over these beats with his fellow CREEPS in Rochester, NY. He’s working on a project with Puppet The Grimey called ‘Speedball’ which we’ve mentioned a few times, in case you didn’t catch it yet. This […]

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‘Hard Knock (Speedball Version)’ – R. Ferrari & Puppet The Grimey [Prod. Lewis Parker]

I’m making an exception here by presenting a piece of music that was previously recorded over by Joey Bada$$, but all to showcase the rhymes of R. Ferrari (Rochester, NY). He recently hit the studio with the C.R.E.E.P.S. crew to record a bunch of joints that will be hitting the net and streets soon. For […]

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‘Killing Them Softly’ – Damnage & Puppet The Grimey

Damnage & Puppet The Grimey (CREEPS / Rochester, NY) release a brand new single off the soon-coming ‘Clockwork Orange’ mixtape. Dig. Previous: ‘Nowhere To Go’ – Puppet The Grimey, I.D. & Damnage (Prod. H-Dot)

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‘Nowhere To Go’ – Puppet The Grimey, I.D. & Damnage [Prod. H-Dot]

‘Nowhere To Go’, a new joint from the CREEPS crew featuring H-Dot on the beat. Find yourself someplace to go. Previous: ‘Follow You Home’ – C.R.E.E.P.S. (Mixtape)

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‘Mirth Mobile’ – C.R.E.E.P.S. ft. Puppet The Grimey & King Chino [music video]

Puppet The Grimey and King Chino on that C.R.E.E.P.S. shit for the raw cut off of the ‘Follow You Home’ mixtape. Party on. Download ‘Follow You Home’

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