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3-O-Clock – Marco Polo ft. Oranized Konfusion [music video]

The lead-single from Marco Polo’s forthcoming LP, PA2: The Director’s Cut, accomplishes what no one else has been able to pull off in over a decade–reunite Organized Konfusion. Since the duo disbanded in 1997, there has been no new OK material and every few years or so the usual “reunion rumors” emerge and then disappear. […]

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The Influence Mixtape Radio Show #25

This week we have Jo3wii Piff, Rochester based producer, in the studio! This dude’s a creative beast and one hell of a dude. He sits in on the whole show, we drop a ton of new music as you can see below and we chop it up about lots of things coming up, including Action […]

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Download: The Influence Mixtape Radio Show #25