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‘King Of Kings’ ft. Homeboy Sandman, Moses Rockwell & P.SO [Re-Issue Promo]

ACT LIVE MUSIC presents the re-release of ‘King Of Kings’ ft. Homeboy Sandman, Moses Rockwell and P.SO The Earthtone King on December 10, 2013. This special re-issue of the 2010 single will feature the instrumental, acapella and remixes by Covert (Quadir Lateef, EVC) and Optix (Swerve & Syg). And for the first time, it’s FREE! […]

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King Of Kings ft. Homeboy Sandman, Moses Rockwell & PSO [Maxi-Single Re-Release]

Celebrating 3 years since it’s original release, we’ve re-issued our famous ‘King of Kings’ single, this time including the instrumental (Produced by Jah La Eer), acapella, remixes by Covert and Optix, a Homeboy Sandman freestyle and remix, plus a brand new song by P.SO and The Soundmen! Plus, it’s FREE! This is our way of […]

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Download: King Of Kings ft. Homeboy Sandman, Moses Rockwell & PSO [Maxi-Single Re-Release]

‘Left Behind’ – Brawlic Bros. ft. Rey Hook [Prod. Optix]

The Brawlic Bros. (Rochester, NY) have a new album coming soon, ya heard? Now you know. Check out this cut featuring the homie Rey Hook and Optix on the biz-eat. Previous: ‘Inside Job’ – Contac (Prod. 2 Deep)

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‘Hoes. Liquor. Weed. Money.’ -Swerve & SYG ft. Co$$ [Prod. Optix]

Hoes.Liquor.Weed.Money is the second leak from the mixtape Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey, which drops Feb 21st via & More often than not in music today we hear about societies obsessions with Hoes,Liquor,Weed,Money & other various vices, but rarely do we talk about what in our life has brought us to this mindset. […]

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‘That Shhh…’ – Rey Hook ft. Moses Rockwell

Not sure if this was produced by Optix or D-Rock, but this track is nice. The mix is a lil rough, but whatever, that doesn’t change the vibe. This track was originally featured on Rey Hook’s ‘Grey Ghost’.

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‘Now It’s Me’ – Ric Rude [Prod. Optix / Cuts By Tim Tones]

Long-time ACT LIVE homie Ric Rude just dropped this off at our door this week, hope you enjoy. The track features the production of Optix (Native Of The City / Soul Slingers) and cuts by his Soul Slingers partner, DJ Tim Tones.

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‘Hunger’ – I.D. [Prod. Optix]

Another cut off Optix’s ‘Been Around Tape’ featuring I.D. This Rochester, NY based MC has been making his mark in the underground scene for years and has also been trying his hand in battling on Grindtime. Big ups! I.D. – Hunger by Ops

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‘Bootney Farnsworth’ – Moses Rockwell [Prod. Optix]

This cut was originally featured on Moses Rockwell’s ‘Songs, Sawngs, Freestyles & Schnippets’ demo, but has been re-released on Optix’s latest project, ‘The Beeen Around Tape’. Moses Rockwell – Bootney Farnsworth Intro by Ops

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The Influence Mixtape Radio Show #17

This week’s episode we feature a background with Volatile’s beats, talk about some upcoming events and rock out with our metaphorical cocks out. (pause) Playlist: LAVA The Freshnerd – ‘Lose Control’ Premonition ft. Sleepwalkas & DJ M-Tri – ‘Bumrush’ Immortal Technique – ‘Rich Man’s World (1%)’ Frank Ocean – ‘Strawberry Swing’ CaseTheJoint – Silence Or […]

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‘The Session’ – Contac ft. Gweedo & Piff [Prod. Optix]

Here’s a taste of the Brawlic Crew out of Rochester, NY. Enjoy.

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