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First Step – Diamond District

When Diamond District dropped In the Ruff on Mello Music Group in 2009, the gritty drums and grimy raps combined as elementally as hydrogen and oxygen. The D.C. Voltron of Oddisee, yU, and Uptown X.O. dusted off and revitalized a sound once consigned to the catacombs. Hailed as an instance classic, its impact reverberated throughout […]

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Back Of My Mind – Oddisee [music video]

About “Tangible Dream”, from Oddisee: I live in a gentrified part of Brooklyn, I eat out several times a week, I travel the world sampling the best that cities across the globe have to offer. Do I live in a penthouse loft? Am I dinning in five stars restaurants? Can you only find me in […]

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Legal Seeds Volume Four – ACT LIVE MUSIC [compilation]

We present to you the first Legal Seeds compilation of 2014 and our fourth installment in the series, happy 2014 everybody! There’s a lot of exciting new music and happenings on the horizon, so we wanted to continue on by showcasing many of the talented artists to look for in this year ahead. Legal Seeds […]

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Download: Legal Seeds Volume Four – ACT LIVE MUSIC [compilation]

Caprice Down – Oddisee [music video]

About the Video: The skaters featured in the video are from a crew called “Hammer City”. Hammer city is a collective of skaters who all live near or in the neighborhood on 14th street in Long Beach California. The crews founder was a skater named Michael Green A.K.A Blacc. Mike was gunned down in 2005 […]

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Money Matters – J Live [music video]

J-Live “Money Matters” Produced by Oddisee.… From the forthcoming album “Around The Sun”. Directed by J-Live. Special thanks to the good people of The 360 Movement, Supreme Understanding of Supreme Designs Publishing, Rahiem Shabazz of Rasha Entertainment, Yamin Semali of Clan Destined and Guerilla Republik Mika Black of Tha Drop.

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Nouh Al Hamam – Maryam Saleh [Prod. Oddisee]

There’s a great story behind this track that can only be told by the founder of Jakarta Records, himself. Enjoy. “Some time ago I worked for a Berlin based NGO called MICT while running Jakarta Records. During this time I helped organize a recording session in Tunisia with 9 female singers and musicians from Tunisia, […]

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Own Appeal – Oddisee [music video]

“I got a hunger for knowledge & I miss no meals” Oddisee’s new album The Beauty In All continues to captivate listeners, while his companion album/mixtape Tangible Dream has taken everyone by storm. Oddisee is preparing a number of unique visuals for the two projects, starting with Own Appeal from Tangible Dream. Directed by Big […]

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Yeezus Was A Mortal Man (Tangible Dream) – Oddisee

After a month on the road throughout North America supporting his new album and mixtape, Oddisee returned to Brooklyn for a final show with Diamond District. The original traveling man is taking a week long break before heading out to New Zealand and then the EU for a month long tour. His new instrumental album […]

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The Beauty In All – Oddisee [LP]

Oddisee releases his new instrumental album “The Beauty In All” today. The 12 track audible journey, rich in texture, is the perfect laid back record to put on for a drive, an afternoon off, or some time alone with someone close. With it comes an intensely personal new mixtape of material produced by & featuring […]

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Own Appeal – Oddisee

Oddisee hit the road this week, already having preformed in his hometown of Washington DC, then hitting Toronto, and Seattle last night. Don’t fret though – he’s got 26 more shows to go (see below for schedule). Add to that, next week Oddisee is releasing his instrumental follow up to Rock Creek Park on October […]

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