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Tagged: Mr. Owl

‘Enter To Exit’ – Jack Wilson & Keor Meteor [LP]

Paris and New York, obviously two of the most influential cities in the history of culture, come together on Jack Wilson and Keor Meteor’s new EP “Enter to Exit” (Parliament of Strix Records). Originally from Pittsburgh, Jack moved to NYC in April 2012 – around the same time Paris’s Keor had held an online audition […]

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‘SmokeBreak: Back In 100 Minutes’ – Mr. Owl [Mixtape]

THE underground hip-hop mixtape for all you stoners and weed-heads – hey, you might even learn something between bong rips.  74 tracks blended into a 100-minute groove and over 120 artists represented, with a healthy majority of them from either the Pittsburgh or Soundcloud underground scenes. TIMEBOMB is putting out this mixtape… need I say anything more? […]

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Download: ‘SmokeBreak: Back In 100 Minutes’ – Mr. Owl [Mixtape]

‘Consumers Become Producers’ – Mr. Owl ft. Jack Wilson [mixtape]

As paradoxical as it sounds, artists might be the ultimate consumers: sponges on a reconnaissance mission to absorb what they will later wring into the bucket of their chosen craft – the resulting alchemy thus becoming the artist’s own creation. On “Consumers Become Producers”, Pittsburgh’s Mr. Owl has soaked up and seamlessly blended some of […]

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