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Sewer Chef – Moses Rockwell [Prod. Jo3wii Piff]

Moses Rockwell adds another one to the catalog with this new joint produced by the homie Jo3wii Piff.

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Uber Shit – Rey Hook [EP]

Rochester’s Rey Hook is just one of many who complete a very unique Rochester, NY sound. It really comes through in this new EP from the homie. Enjoy. Uber Shit by Rey Hook

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‘Jos’s Theme #1′, ‘Won-Two’ & ‘Chicken With Garlic Sauce’ – Jo3wii Piff [instrumentals]

Our boy Jo3wii Piff, reppin’ Rochester, NY, has been slow-cookin some goodness, so get your plates ready and get you some. We present to you three new tracks, each with their own individual appeal to them but certainly produced with the signature Piff sound. Jo3wii Piff will be hitting the net, this Sunday, as he’s […]

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‘Y’all Niggas Hardly Float’ – Jo3wii Piff [instrumental]

Jo3wii Piff just dropped this joint after a recent trip to Pittsburgh, PA, most likely to see his boy Mr. Owl and crew. A blend between some trap and spazzmatic, we hope you enjoy this new one from ‘Ol Sausalito! Previous: ‘Legal Seeds’ Volume Two – ACT LIVE MUSIC (Compilation)

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‘Legal Seeds’ Volume Two [Compilation]

‘Legal Seeds’ Volume Two is a collection of dope new joints that have been floating across our desk for the past few months and some even more recent. We thought it would be kind of us to put them all in one spot for you to enjoy and download! New joints from cats like mdnt, […]

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Download: ‘Legal Seeds’ Volume Two [Compilation]

‘Wet As Ferris’ – Jo3wii Piff & CMNoctoPus [instrumental]

Our boy Jo3wii Piff pairs up with the CMNoctoPus for this spacey, danceable beat. Jo3wii has been on some dope shit as of late, not to say he hasn’t always provided that heat, but we’re liking the most recent direction…a lot. Enjoy. Previous: ‘Step Left’ – Jo3wii Piff (Beat)

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‘Step Left’ – Jo3wii Piff [beat]

Here’s a preview of some music to come from Rochester, NY’s Jo3wii Piff. No samples, just pure inspiration. Previous: ‘Show Ya Thug’ – Jo3wii Piff (Beat)

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‘Show Ya Thug’ – Jo3wii Piff [beat]

Jo3wii Piff workin on that BUMP music huh! Check out this new beat for bumpin purposes only. Then check out a release that we happened to over look that was released in 2011, below. thee attention span.. side A by jo3wiipiff Previous: ‘Do Dis Bitch’ – Jo3wii Piff (Instrumental)

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‘Do Dis Bitch’ – Jo3wii Piff [instrumental]

Contending for the ‘most beats covered’ on our site, Jo3wii Piff is in the trap on this joint. Consider it a work in progress. Previous: ‘Maze’ – Jo3wii Piff (Instrumental)

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‘Maze’ – Jo3wii Piff [instrumental]

This is definitely a maze of a song, I feel like I’m being taken back and forth down some tunnels and some hyper alien space-bitches are blasting lasers at me. My advice, find your own way out! Previous: ‘Bionic Ghost Lampin’ – E Nox (Prod. Jo3wii Piff)

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