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‘Kiss & Makeup’ – Husky [LP]

Husky (Producer / Rochester, NY) has a bunch of new projects on the horizon with cats like Moses Rockwell and more, but for now, we are going to try to get you up to speed with one of his latest. Husky has never been one to skimp on content with his projects, that’s for sure. […]

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‘Work It Out’ – Husky [instrumental]

Husky (Rochester, NY), one of our favorite producers of music, just slipped this one past us for you guys recently. Never a one for a loop, Husky puts a lot into his productions and it shows. Big ups to the homie. Check out his previous release, below. Enjoy! Previous: The Moses Rockwell Remixes (Prod. Husky)

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‘Legal Seeds Volume One’ – ACT LIVE MUSIC [Compilation]

Legal Seeds Volume One is a collection of dope new joints that have been floating across our desk for the past few months and some even more recent. We thought it would be kind of us to put them all in one spot for you to enjoy and download! Full track list is available in […]

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Download: ‘Legal Seeds Volume One’ – ACT LIVE MUSIC [Compilation]

Moses Rockwell Remixes – Husky [LP & Instrumentals]

Husky, the elusive Rochester, NY based lab genius, has strung together a collection of remixes featuring many of the songs you’ve grown to love from Moses Rockwell, plus a bunch of new ones you haven’t heard yet. Moses Rockwell, first breaking onto the scene in 2011 with his debut ‘The Nervous Wreck’s Tape’, executive produced […]

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Download: Moses Rockwell Remixes – Husky [LP & Instrumentals]

‘My Fabulous Jalapeno Sauce’ (SixMinsLilMos Remix) – Moses Rockwell [Prod. Husky]

Next Tuesday January 8th ACT LIVE is very proud to present The Moses Rockwell Remix Album, produced entirely by Rochester, NY’s Husky! We’re not gonna give TOO much away, so till then you can chew on this piece of goodness. ‘SixMinsLilMos’ is originally featured on ‘The Nervous Wreck’d Tape’ by Moses Rockwell. Previous: ‘Keep The […]

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‘Just For The Record’ – Husky [LP]

Husky (formerly of the Goonies Crew, Rochester, NY) has a mountain of work he’s going to be bringing your way, but for now enjoy ‘Just For The Record’. This piece of work is an instrumental album that plays like a movie of sorts with it’s ups and downs, climaxes and vocal snippets placed subtly between […]

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Download: ‘Just For The Record’ – Husky [LP]

Husky & Sam.I.Am The Son Double Album Release

Goonies (are they still a group?) members Sam.I.Am The Son and big brother Husky just released a double album for all you beat fanatics out there. Husky, known for his wild instrumental rides and at LEAST 30 albums with artists like JunClassic, Monsta X, Reece Q, Baragon and more. Then, there’s Sam.I.Am The Son, who’s […]

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Download: Husky & Sam.I.Am The Son Double Album Release

The Influence Mixtape Radio Show #23

Koncept of the Brown Bag AllStars is on the line this week to tell you about his debut album, ‘Awaken’! Besides all the dope music on the playlist, we have news about Action Bronson at Dub Land Underground on January 20, the new Werd Play series and a bunch of other shit for your mind. […]

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Download: The Influence Mixtape Radio Show #23

The Influence Mixtape Radio Show #16

This week, we return! Thanks to the help of Volatile (R.E.A.L.), we’ll be recording bi-weekly at his Spit Somethin’ Studios to bring you the hot shit coming out right now. We took a few months off, but we couldn’t stay away! There’s so much great music coming at us every week, we’ve just GOT to […]

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‘Breakfast Pants’ – Husky ft. Moses Rockwell [Download]

Husky, of the infamous Goonies Crew, has released yet ANOTHER album for FREE! Husky has been working with the famed Monsta Island Czars, JunClassic, K Sise, Reece Q, SMD and now you can add Moses Rockwell to that list. This track is by far one of our favorite’s on the album which you can download […]

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