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’7 Volume One’ – Nia Keturah [EP]

Rochester, NY’s Hiri Skywalker plays a bit part in the production of Nia Keturah’s latest Willy-Wonka ride through her mind. I’ve had this record on repeat since I copped it this morning, kudos to the crew. 7 volume One by Nia Keturah

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‘Cloud10′ – Hiri Sky Walker [Prod. Hiri Sky Walker]

Hiri Sky Walker, the young buck we featured on our radio show a few weeks ago, has hit us with this song dedicated to all the ladies out there that tend to get jealous of men and their music…something I’m sure some of the fellas out there can relate to. If you listen in, you […]

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Download: ‘Cloud10′ – Hiri Sky Walker [Prod. Hiri Sky Walker]

The Influence Mixtape Radio Show #32

This week’s a solid one. Eerie Canal, native of Rochester, NY, calls us up from North Carolina to say whats up and talk about his haps. We also have the young Hiri Sky Walker on the show to talk about his upcoming mixtape while Chilly stops by to say hi! On a side note, we […]

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‘The Party’ – Our Talent Taking Over [Prod. Hiri Sky Walker]

From his upcoming ‘Hi Sky World’, we present Hiri Sky Walker and Our Talent Taking Over (O.T.T.O.)

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