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‘Backwards’ – Bushido Garvey [Prod. Oƒƒ฿∑∆⊺]

“And why the world is BACKWARDS explaining why history repeats…” Bushido Garvey Rochester, NY’s Bushido Garvey spits his view on what’s the ass-backwards in this world. Coincidentally, over a backwards Offbeat instrumental. Listen in, this somethin chill for your Monday madness. Previous: ‘Untitled Vol. 1′ – Offbeat (LP Re-Release)

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‘Untitled’ Vol. 1 – OFFBE∆T [LP Re-Release]

Originally released back in 2007, this is a touched up re-release of ‘Untitled’ Vol. 1 from Rochester, NY’s Offbeat (Grungecake). Dedicated to his father and his uncle Basir, this experimental record comes straight from the heart in every sense. We hope you enjoy. UNTITLED VL.1 by OFFBE∆T Previous: ‘American Way’ – Offbeat

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‘American Way’ – OFFBE∆T

K Offbeat (Rochester, NY / Grungecake) offers his latest musical composition to the interwebs and world. A commentary of the American way of music and hustle, tune in and vibe out. Previous: ‘Money Run’ – Offbeat

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‘The Meltdown’ – K-OFFBEAT

A snippet off the new album from K-OFFBEAT, coming September 7th. Be on the look out for 2 more singles coming soon before the album release.

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‘OverSoul’ – K-OFFBEAT [Reset Intro]

K-OFFBEAT (Grungecake) is set to release his latest EP, ‘Reset’. ‘Reset’ is K-OFFBEAT’s statement against the music industry as we know it. His solution, is to reset the system. Take a listen.

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‘My Favorite Lady’s’ – K-OffBeat

“MY FAVORITE LADY’S is a collection of my most intimate tracks & is also dedicated to women who have played a important role in my life.” – K-Offbeat

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