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‘fOnkie Journey – Georgia Muldrow & DJ Rome

Ideal music is music that is more than the sum of its notes. The perfect beat can transcend time and space, lifting your spirit and taking your mind on a journey through the universe with your feet still on the dance floor. That is Blackhouse. Influenced by Afrika Bambataa and The Soulsonic Force, Kraftwerk, DJ […]

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‘Baby Girl’ – Boog Brown [Prod. Georgia Muldrow]

Boog Brown has released her first ever vinyl 7″ as part of Mello Music’s new monthly series. The record features 2 songs produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow. The first “My Love Rmx” was featured on Boog’s Brown Study Remixes album, but the B-Side is a previously unreleased track that Georgia laid the soundscape under titled […]

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‘My Love’ – Boog Brown [Georgia Muldrow Remix]

Boog Brown lays down her version of what a King is on the song My Love, describing in no uncertain terms why things are just right with her. Rich lyrical displays along with candid expression is what makes Boog so potent behind the mic Meanwhile, Georgia Anne Muldrow adds another level of glory to the […]

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