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Raz Fresco, Aaron Cohen, Final Outlaw – Team Backpack Cypher [video]

Raz Fresco, Aaron Cohen, and Final Outlaw drop some serious bars over a Raz Fresco beat – all for the latest Team Backpack cypher.

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Slum Darwinism – Final Outlaw [music video]

Final Outlaw. Poet, MC and great American. LYRICS: Nobody more patriotic than an Outlaw trust me You don’t know then study more about your country I spit that infant death syndrome to increase income I release wisdom when I speak isms My family’s dysfunction funktafied me How do you raise five on fries and Hi-C? […]

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Beautiful Songs – Final Outlaw [Al The Basshead Remix]

Al The Basshead puts a really inspiring, lo-fi, touch to one of Final Outlaw’s finest songs – ‘Beautiful Songs’. Shout out to NYC.

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Legal Seeds Volume Four – ACT LIVE MUSIC [compilation]

We present to you the first Legal Seeds compilation of 2014 and our fourth installment in the series, happy 2014 everybody! There’s a lot of exciting new music and happenings on the horizon, so we wanted to continue on by showcasing many of the talented artists to look for in this year ahead. Legal Seeds […]

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Download: Legal Seeds Volume Four – ACT LIVE MUSIC [compilation]

Man Of The Year (Schoolboy Q) – Final Outlaw Remix [video]

Final Outlaw NAILS this Schoolboy Q remix at a fever pitch. Check the homie and cop the record.

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‘Legal Seeds’ Volume Three – ACT LIVE MUSIC Compilation

Brought to you by the good folk at ACT LIVE MUSIC, this series is dedicated to the fans, DJs and other industry folk that may have missed a few tracks, a few artists, etc over the past 4 months. What we do is save some of the “best of the best” to come across our […]

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Download: ‘Legal Seeds’ Volume Three – ACT LIVE MUSIC Compilation

Final Outlaw – Live @ YC The Cynic’s ‘GNK’ LP Release Party [video]

Final Outlaw is buzzing once again and now it’s due to his latest performance at S.O.B.s as part of the ‘GNK’ release party. Final Outlaw is by far one of the dopest MCs in NY, hands down. A rebel music leader and dear friend to those in the scene. Enjoy.

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A Late Night ‘Thank You’ From Final Outlaw (NYC)

Final Outlaw posted this early Friday morning, to his fans and friends. We are always impressed with this gentleman and appreciate his art and presence in our community, so we thought we would share. Now, a message from Final Outlaw… “When I first started writing rhymes it was utter garbage. I sucked lol. I think […]

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‘Legal Seeds’ Volume Two [Compilation]

‘Legal Seeds’ Volume Two is a collection of dope new joints that have been floating across our desk for the past few months and some even more recent. We thought it would be kind of us to put them all in one spot for you to enjoy and download! New joints from cats like mdnt, […]

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Download: ‘Legal Seeds’ Volume Two [Compilation]

‘Theory II’ – Final Outlaw [music video]

Part of Final Outlaw’s recent video series, ‘Theory II’ picks up where ‘Theory’ left off…bangin your speakers. Final Outlaw is by far one of our favorite MCs in the world right now. This dude is on point with every aspect of his work flow and his music is 100% dope, always. Hope you enjoy. There’s […]

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