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‘The Dream Act’ – E.R.A.

E.R.A. is an acronym for Every Rapper’s Antagonist. The son of two African immigrants from Sierra Leone, he mixes his culture into his rhymes. “I love the music Atlanta makes now but i feel that art is an imitation of life. Its not all the time people go to clubs and not everyone is in […]

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‘Trickle Down (Occupy Your Job)’ – Sintex Era [Prod. 2 Hungry Bros.]

“Think the message of #OccupyWallStreet doesn’t apply to you, just because you’re lucky enough to be employed? Au contraire, mon frere—as Booth newcomer Sintex Era explains on new single Trickle Down (Occupy Your Job), those who sacrifice their time, energy and health working for the enrichment of the 1% are no less victims of the […]

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Download: ‘Trickle Down (Occupy Your Job)’ – Sintex Era [Prod. 2 Hungry Bros.]