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Werd Play – ‘Tri State Rhyme Spree’ LP – ACT LIVE MUSIC Compilation

Another great live recording to add to our Werd Play catalog, this time featuring artists from the NY, CT and PA areas! Recorded at Puck Live in Doylestown, PA, this is the latest in our ongoing live series and it’s FREE. This is dedicated to all the fans who love freestyle rap, live recordings and […]

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Download: Werd Play – ‘Tri State Rhyme Spree’ LP – ACT LIVE MUSIC Compilation

The Influence Mixtape Radio Show #60 (Best Till Now)

This week our fearless host and founder, James Niche, makes his way from Rochester, NY (where it all began) to the Big Apple, New York City. The podcast will be on hold as he sets up shop and gets settled in New York, but rest assured we will return! This week we compiled the ‘best […]

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The Influence Mixtape Radio Show #38

Holy shit folks. This week’s episode is a straight up circus. This week we have a very special guest on the phone, SMD The MC, to talk about his up-coming album, ‘Worldwide Dinner Time: Everybody’s Starving’. We also have Tommy Siggz (‘Return Of The  Fly Bum’) in the studio with E-Nox (Open Jar) to shoot […]

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Download: The Influence Mixtape Radio Show #38

The Influence Mixtape Radio Show #19

This week’s episode we have a ton of sick new music from all over and James Niche ‘Minaj’ speaks his mind on the battle between DJ Ease and Mr. Mumblz this past weekend. We also have LAVA (R.E.A.L.) and Jay High (Gunpoets) in the studio. Track List: R.E.A.L. ft. Moses Rockwell, JunClassic, Kes & M […]

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‘Raw’ – DTMD ft. Godly MC & Kev Brown [Download]

DTMD (Dunc & Toine Makin’ Dollas) released their debut album everywhere last week.  Today they are giving away the fan favorite RAW feat. Godly MC & Kev Brown.  This Saturday (10/8) they’ll be celebrating the album release at the Durkl store (443 Eye St NW) in Washington DC at 8 PM w/ DJ Underdog spinning […]

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‘The Write Bros. Expedition Live’ EP – R.E.A.L.

Recorded in June 2011, this live EP features the Rochester, NY based duo R.E.A.L. (Volatile – Producer/MC & LAVA – MC). Their set highlights records that were originally released on the ‘Foot In Ass’ mixtape series of theirs. It also includes a previously unreleased track titled ‘Hold Up’ (Prod. Volatile) at the end of the […]

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Download: ‘The Write Bros. Expedition Live’ EP – R.E.A.L.

‘Victory Lap’ – KON [Music Video]


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‘Grand(er) Vonye’ – Von Pea

“Remixed by me 4 years ago…I’d recorded the original “Grand Vonye” over a bunch of Kanye beats but then decided to do it with my own. I started on April 20th, 2007 around 7pm and finished on April 21st, 2007 around 7pm. I did this for fun back then and never released it because it […]

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‘Figure It Out’ – Jesse Abraham ft. Fresh Daily [Download]

Choice track off the One Day EP by Jesse Abraham and featuring Fresh Daily. Cop the whole record in the link.

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‘Houston & 1st’ – OISD [EP]

We at O.I.S.D. (@OISD5Emcees) welcome you to “Houston & 1st“! The 9 track EP features production from group members J.Monopoly & J.O. and Brown Bag All Star producer/emcee J57. “Houston & 1st” is our second official body of work. With this new project we hope to capture and stimulate your imagination as we take you […]

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