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‘What’s Creep’ – Creepshow [Music Video]

This shit IS creep. Shot at a dank-ass warehouse on the north side of Rochester, the Creeps set the scene for violence and mayhem. Big ups to these guys, they’re doing their damn thing right now! The video features King Chino, I.D. and Puppet The Grimey, all of Rochester, NY. Shot by The Jew.

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ID vs. Tyranny [Grindtime Battle]

Victory! Rochester, NY native ID takes on Maryland based rapper Tyranny in this recent Grindtime battle. Big ups to ID, he’s doing his thing! Shout-outs to 3 Letters, the Creeps and Live From The Gutta. Bong. (source: Drect’s YouTube Page)

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Werd Play 9 [Freestyle Mixtape]

Download: Werd Play 9 [Freestyle Mixtape]