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The Inspiration – Mad Dukez & C.U.F.X. [LP]

Entirely produced by CUFX, The Inspiration is Mad Dukez in his most underground environment. A hard hitting, sample heavy record, The Inspiration is the culmination of almost 4 years of work. Shout out to DTR45 and all the homies in Buffalo, NY! The Inspiration by Mad Dukez

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Dear Prudence ft. Melissa Coccionitti – Mic Excel [music video]

Mouse Media Productions presents the official music video for Mic Excel’s “Dear Prudence” featuring Melissa Coccionitti. Produced by Covert and Optimus Prime of the Essential Vitamins Crew (EVC). Filmed in Buffalo, New York, 2013. This video is dedicated to John Lennon and every brilliant mind that passed away before their time.

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Food For Thought – Jay MF G [LP]

From the intro to the end, this is a dope new project from the Buffalo, NY crew. As always, all the elements are here. Dope cuts, rhymes and hard hitting beats to pump loud in your speaker. Definitely cop this one. Food for Thought by Jay mf G

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The Sensation – Mad Dukez [mixtape]

Buffalo, NY and DTR45′s Mad Dukez lets loose this mixtape to follow up his ‘Gettin Getsby’ LP, which has been pretty well by the looks of things. Give it a listen, plus it’s free. The Sensation by Mad Dukez

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Smif N Wessun In-Store Appearance In Buffalo This Saturday [event]

Smif N Wessun are scheduled to appear at Freshly Dipped record store in Buffalo, NY this Saturday at 5pm. Due to time constraints they were not able to make it into Rochester, so for all of our Rochester heads this will be the only spot to go!

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Long Swords & Sine Waves – Joe Locus [LP]

While not completely tracking out the album as a video game, that was certainly the vision for this project. Months in the making with inspiration from the hobby that kept him out of what his father called “a cold concrete jungle” and safe inside expanding on his imagination, Long Swords and Sine Waves is finally […]

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‘King Of Kings’ ft. Homeboy Sandman, Moses Rockwell & P.SO [Re-Issue Promo]

ACT LIVE MUSIC presents the re-release of ‘King Of Kings’ ft. Homeboy Sandman, Moses Rockwell and P.SO The Earthtone King on December 10, 2013. This special re-issue of the 2010 single will feature the instrumental, acapella and remixes by Covert (Quadir Lateef, EVC) and Optix (Swerve & Syg). And for the first time, it’s FREE! […]

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King Of Kings ft. Homeboy Sandman, Moses Rockwell & PSO [Maxi-Single Re-Release]

Celebrating 3 years since it’s original release, we’ve re-issued our famous ‘King of Kings’ single, this time including the instrumental (Produced by Jah La Eer), acapella, remixes by Covert and Optix, a Homeboy Sandman freestyle and remix, plus a brand new song by P.SO and The Soundmen! Plus, it’s FREE! This is our way of […]

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Download: King Of Kings ft. Homeboy Sandman, Moses Rockwell & PSO [Maxi-Single Re-Release]

Sinderella – Deuce Ellis [music video]

Deuce Ellis, the Brooklynite from Buffalo, NY is back with a new video for the track ‘Sinderella’. Check it out and see what you think!

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Werd Play – ‘Tri State Rhyme Spree’ LP – ACT LIVE MUSIC Compilation

Another great live recording to add to our Werd Play catalog, this time featuring artists from the NY, CT and PA areas! Recorded at Puck Live in Doylestown, PA, this is the latest in our ongoing live series and it’s FREE. This is dedicated to all the fans who love freestyle rap, live recordings and […]

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Download: Werd Play – ‘Tri State Rhyme Spree’ LP – ACT LIVE MUSIC Compilation

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