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The Analogue Tape 2 – J57 [beat tape]

Our good friend J57 just released a beat tape to keep his fans happy as he works on more projects for 2015. The Analog Tape 2 by J57

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Creative Unprofessionals – Tranzformer [instrumental tape]

West Coast’s Tranzformer just put out a brand new, sample-free, beat tape for all you beat junkies. Check it. Creative Unprofessionals by Tranzformer

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TXT (MSGS) – Mndsgn [music video]

Mndsgn drops his latest Stones Throw video, ‘TXT’, off the ‘Yawn Zen’ album.

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Phantasmagoria – CheatCode

Between the surreal sounds and slick sample chops from MA’s very own Cheatcode, it’s impossible to dismiss this ambitious project as one that captures a sense of Phantasmagoria. Defined as a confusing scene akin to a movie due to it’s odd, ever-changing nature, it’s the best way to capture the shifting, bass heavy sounds that […]

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Producing With The Audible Doctor & Win A Beat [video]

CrateStream and TheBeeShine are giving you a chance to win an instrumental and a brand new verse from the The Audible Doctor for your next project. Please follow the six (6) steps below for a successful entry. The winner will receive “The Bar Mitzvah” instrumental for their next project, along with a guest verse from […]

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Available Audio Compostions Mix – Cove of EVC [sampler]

Buffalo, NY’s Cove dropped this beats our way a couple months ago, looking to get them out to MCs who may be interested. Not sure if all the beats are still available, but definitely check it out.

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Hand Picked – M Slago [beat]

M Slago has been killing the beat game as of late, and this new joint is no exception. You can catch a lot of his beats on Homeboy Sandman’s recent releases.

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Cigarettes – D-Rock [intrumental]

Rochester, NY’s D-Rock, with a new instrumental for all the heads. Check it out!

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Mello 2 – maticulous [instrumental album]

Mello 2 is the follow-up to 2011′s “Mello Instros,” and is a collection of beats, rhymes & songs for you to kick back and vibe out. Along with instrumentals, there are guest vocals by yU of Diamond District, The Audible Doctor, Folkland (Lemar French & Los), and Naf Keen. Mello 2 by maticulous

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Download: Mello 2 – maticulous [instrumental album]

Live @ Igloo Vortex – Riley Beats [mix]

Rochester, NY’s Riley Beats has cooked up a new dance mix for the homies, check it out!

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