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The Free Way – Corina Corina [Album]

Brooklyn-based vocalist Corina Corina is proud to announce the release of her second full-length album, “The Free Way,” on March 18, 2014. The record came to fruition following two national tours in 2013 and nine months in the studio with creative partner Willie Green, who also produced her first album “The Eargasm.” Corina Corina’s unique […]

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Archie Bang – ‘Never Say Die’ Vol. 1 [Album]

Flatbush, Brooklyn representative Archie Bang is pleased to unveil his debut album, Never Say Die Vol. 1 (80′s Babies Edition). With an interesting history, which includes interning at Rawkus Records while in high school, Archie would eventually sign to J Records. After honing his skills with the Little Rock based group, Dirty Water, Archie would […]

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Download: Archie Bang – ‘Never Say Die’ Vol. 1 [Album]

100 Years – Dao Jones [album stream]

From out of nowhere, Dao Jones announces the release of his latest album ’100 Years’. The Saratoga, NY based MC/Producer has been making waves across the ‘net and nation with his unique brand of soul-hop, it looks like 2014 is panning out to be pretty good for the homie. Take a minute to stream his […]

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Face The Facts – Pawz One [LP Stream]

The West Coast has gained a following for being a purely gangsta rap scene, but the LA-based newcomer Pawz One challenges this ideology with the release of his debut album Face The Facts. Though the 18 track project plays out like a Golden Era hustler’s anthem, the delivery and presentation is what makes this one […]

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ALMIGHTY: The Solar Facts – C Rayz Walz [LP]

Start your new year off with a brand new album from Mr. C Rayz Walz. There’s a TON of features on this project, including a couple from the homie Gillateen up in Rochester, NY.

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Rumspringa: The Wildman Chronicles – K. Gaines [LP]

Enter Brooklyn rapper K Gaines first solo Adventure “Rumspringa the Wildman Chronicles”produced by NYC duo 2 Hungry Bros, known for their work with Homeboy Sandman and C Rayz Walz, 8thw1 and features an appearance from Brooklyn duo Cella Dwellas. Gaines Super Lyricism and the 2Hbs production is a deadly concoction of hip hop for your […]

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GNK – YC The Cynic [LP]

Our homie YC The Cynic has come a LONG way since we first discovered him in 2008…a LONG way. This, his debut LP, has been released to critical acclaim across the globe and for good reason. We strongly urge you to check out this album and cop it. GNK by YC The Cynic

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Murphy’s Law – YC The Cynic [music video]

Ladies and gents, August 26th is drawing nearer and that means the release of YC The Cynic’s ‘GNK’ LP is just around the corner. This long-awaited (and yes, TRULY long-awaited) LP is set to be one of the best albums of 2013, b’leed dat. The homie has been growing/developing/building from the ground up since 2008 […]

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David Liebe Hart Band Album Stream [audio]

The David Liebe Hart Band has shared a sneak preview of their debut album, which comes out next Tuesday, August 13th on Philadelphia’s Evil Weevil Records. Impose Magazine premiered the album HERE. Songs about getting kicked out of church and aliens that disapprove of pornography give insights on how this unusual, yet enlightened man thinks.

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‘Short Stories’ – Mammoth [Mixtape]

If you’ve been following Mammoth since last year when we debuted his first LP, ‘Balance’, we strongly recommend this latest release! The entire LP is a poetic journey through the mind of Mammoth as he spits his short stories inspired by life, music and art. With a backdrop of some really smooth joints, this new […]

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Download: ‘Short Stories’ – Mammoth [Mixtape]

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