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The Warning Shot – Exec The Bright [music video]

Exec The Bright is about to release an EP by the end of the year with the first single ‚Äč’A1 Day1′ coming within the next two weeks. Before all that Exec The Bright saw fit to release #TheWarningShot to give everyone the heads up.

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I Am Many – Live From Brooklyn TV Acapella [video]

Click for tickets to see I Am Many at The Gramercy Theatre on January 18: I Am Many spits a verse unheard for Live From Brooklyn TV before his interview with Missy B. Catch I Am Many, along with Homeboy Sandman, YC The Cynic, Iron Mike Eagle and Tone Tank on January 18 at […]

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I Am Many – A Capella Verse 4 Of 12 [video]

I Am Many rolls on in his series of acapellas for your enlightenment. Stay tuned for a new joint named ‘Cheeseburgers’ from him featuring Homeboy Sandman, there’s a video too! Previous: I Am Many – A Capella Verses 1-3 (Videos)

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I Am Many – A Capella Verses 1-3 of 12 [video]

Our Brooklyn homie, I Am Many, is releasing 12 acapellas for your new year consumption. Consider this a wake-up alarm for your senses. Named one of the top five best MCs in NYC by Homeboy Sandman, I Am Many should not be ignored. And if you have any sense in ya, you’ll pay attention. Verse […]

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‘Pick Your Poison’ – Ajent O [acapella for remix]

Ajent O, our homie to the West in Buffalo, has issued this acapella for your re-mixing pleasure. This one’s for the producers…hit us back with a proper mix and if we choose it, we’ll feature you on one of our coming Werd Play releases this Spring. Dig in! – pick your poisen ACapella by Ajent […]

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