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‘Hurry Up & Wait’ – Cam Wallace [LP]

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Cam Wallace is from Houston, Texas and is most known for producing “Upgrade You” for Beyonce and “Daddy’s Lambo” for Yelawolf.

From the Cam Wallace camp:

“The album “Hurry Up and Wait”, it shows the long process of having to deal with labels and management and coming from producing a multi-platinum song to not receiving the credit Cam deserved. Hence the name “Hurry Up and Wait,” no matter how close Cam came to something there were always setbacks. So finally Cam just decided to take everything into his own hands. He wrote,produced, created the website and designed all the artwork along with the album himself. The track list of the album is put together to tell the story of the journey it took to releasing the project. Cam wanted to create that feel good music that would take people into their own zone, whatever zone that may be. That is where the movement “Chasing The Feeling” (CTF) comes into play. This project produces a lot of different vibes and feelings so we wanted the listeners to continuously chase those vibes and feelings throughout the tape because in the end we are all just chasing a feeling through the power of music.”

Download: ‘Hurry Up & Wait’ – Cam Wallace [LP]

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