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As you can tell, got a dope new look today. We changed servers, reorganized content and prettied it up to enhance the experience. Most things are pretty self explanitory, so take a look around and use some of the new social media features that we put up for christ’s sake.

With all this new stuff being exactly that – new – there’s bound to be some issues here and there. We’re still testing in old browsers and tweaking things here and there. The audio clips will be back up once we find a better way to host the mp3 files to stream. It’ll be a slight transition, but what isn’t these days?

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. Angelina Marie says:

    How about putting this into a mobile website giving all cell phones a user friendly and clean site with instant access at your audience’s fingertips? Let me know if you are interested. Congratulations on a beautiful website. Let’s go Mobile.


  2. Games says:

    I’m down, what are your suggestions?

  3. Broderick Bonelli says:

    Good site! I really like the layout. Very efficient organization. I like how you have all your social media easily accessible. Very user friendly site design. Thanks for all the time and effort you put in to this website!

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