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Werd Play 'Monsta Island Czar Edition'

Recorded live at The Dub Land Underground in Rochester, NY on March 27, 2010.

Thank you:

Alex Ng (Don’t Beat Records), Drew Nye & The Dub Land Underground, Josh Currier (NeonThoughts), Monsta X, Infinit Evol, JunClassic, D-Rock, Optix, Herban Souljer, Moon Roc, Contac, DJ Tim Tones, Chilly, Scheff, LAVA & Volatile (R.E.A.L.), NSR, Sam.I.Am and everyone else who attended the event that evening!


Werd Play Monsta Island Edition Cover - Artwork by Games

Werd Play Monsta Island Edition Credits - Artwork by Games

Download: Werd Play 'Monsta Island Czar Edition'

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  1. GTAsoldier says:

    Yo Act:Live Music,

    I got a CRC check failure while trying to extract the zip file u uploaded here. But I fixed that using Advanced Zip Repair. Here’s the fixed version:


    - GTA

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