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The Influence Mixtape Radio Show #50

The big 50!! This week we celebrate 50 episodes by highlighting a slew of the dope artists performing at our Rochester, NY farewell show on August 24th at The Dub Land Underground. As if that wasn’t enough, we have Vein of the up and coming group The Nezitiq Mute on the phone to chop it up about their recent album with DJ Concept – ‘This Glorious Nightmare’. Listen on for news on events, the static about WDKX 103.9 and more!

Catch all these artists (except The Nezitiq Mute) on August 24th at The Dub Land Underground!

Aziz Ansari Comedy Intro – ‘Texting Girls’
Quadir Lateef – ‘The Quickening Arts’ (Prod. Covert)
King Chino ft. I.D. – ‘You’
Reece Q – ‘Jazz Couplets 2.3 Beta Version (Prod. Husky & Woody)
Moses Rockwell – ‘Drained’ (Prod. Hassaan Mackey)
DJ Concept ft. The Nezitiq Mute – ‘Falling Through Worlds’
TruStarr – ‘Feel Like Dying’
Natural Ingredients – ‘Radio’
The Nezitiq Mute – ‘Gun’
C.R.E.E.P.S. ft. Puppet The Grimey & King Chino – ‘ACT LIVE Freestyle’
Mad Dukez & Cufx – ‘What Goes Around’
SMD – ’3 Things I Hate’ (Prod. El-P)
YClass ft. King Worthy – ‘Momma Told Me’
Tommy Siggz – ‘Gettin Right’ (Prod. K-81)
Dr. Ooo – ‘Windstar’
SpecILL K – ‘Ginsu Technique’
Young Ghost ft. Sara Passamonte – ‘Just For Tonight’
R.E.A.L. – ‘Lookin 4 Me’ (Prod. Volatile)

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