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‘Put Your Headphones On’ – Kidd Called Quest [album]

After a series of technical issues and more, including losing all the music after a computer crash, Kidd Called Quest is finally here with his ‘Put Your Headphones On’ LP! Big ups to the homie, we’ve been waiting close to 3 years for this album.

A lot of producers ( including a lot of hip hop producers) try to avoid using samples and drum patterns hoping to invent the next “hip hop sound” , but most fail miserably. Fortunately Jay Quest aka Kidd Called Quest kept record shopping and sampling , not to mention finding good rappers for his tracks and succeeding . On this album Quest literally takes you back to the era of hip hop where you listened to hip hop in your headphones which pretty much is the theme of the album .

The joint starts slow with a phone in intro from Blaq Poet ( but still rough verse) , then shifts with 9th Wonder affiliate Joe Scudda basically kicking about how music is listened to on ” I Got My Headphones On” , 585 mc’s Savvy Cet, Azariah,& Lil Eto show off on ” Grinding” sounded like seasoned vets! Ced Hughes breaks through with the title track, while ” Lyrical Slaughter” is served by Reks, Inno, Moz & Skyzoo.

The next 2 tracks are smashed by 585 vets Coach P & Skandalous with the bangers “In My Zone” & ” Underrated”. NY Oil held it down on “Community Room” and UpTopRoc did a tight update of ” Top Billin” . Juice Crew vet Craig G spits flame alongside JHood, (Former D Block Member) and underground favorites Chaudon & Pumpkinhead ( where did Quest find him at?) on “New York Reps The Hardest”! But one of the best tracks go to Hassan Mackey, L.I. ( from the 585) & Rapper Big Pooh with “Silicone” blasting fake rappers and listeners .

The Teamsterz come with club ready ” Heavy” which should be a fav on the block as well. 585 mc Asap comes with a tight song as well with ” Goodbye” and All Ciddy & Aaron Taylor vibe with “Don’t Let Money Make You” . Gangstarr Foundation vet Big Shug does a black history shout on ” New Era”. Quest keeps your head nodding in the beats , letting the mc’s flow over the beat at their own pace , throwing in a lot of movie quotes , and showing his range as a producer. With a album like this I can see he’ll be making moves soon…

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