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‘No Regrets’ (Jinesis Cuts His Hair)

This video is great. Our homie Jinesis recently cuts his signature hair and they captured it for everyone to peep. As the man says, his hair was as signature as his beats. I liked to call him Lil’ Evil Dee…ha. Speaking of beats, this record playing background sets the perfect tone, almost moving if you will…and it knocks, straight up. Here’s what Jinesis had to say…

“Here’s a video of me cutting my hair. “So what?” you might say, but my hair was as signature to me as my beats. I locked my hair 10 years ago at the beginning of the summer and at the end of this summer, I “un-locked” my hair. Full circle. Completion. New beginnings. I also did over 5 free beat projects in that time as well as grow personally as much as my shoulder length hair did. In 2012 There will be an actual music project from me to support. I look forward to this new, fresh chapter! Thank for everyone’s support and listening ear!” – Jinesis

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