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‘Cella Chest’ – Cella Chest [Nostomania]

“We live in a world that is over-populated by urban faux cowboys and would-be singer songwriters that pin their tales to the lazy strumming of the same basic chords. In light of all this it’s refreshing to hear a fresh voice break out of that mold and pick their path across their guitar strings, while telling tales that are based on real-life experiences; not wishful thinking.

Cella Chest is the creation of A.W. Cardinal; currently resides in Montreal, but was raised in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. His weathered voice sings his life with a tone that seems to call back from the wind-blown depths of the Great Depression, but relates stories that are rooted in the present. One of the disc’s most striking moments is This House, which strips away the protective layers of age and allow a nostalgic inner child to come out, leaving Cardinal’s voice sounding as vulnerable and emotionally affected as the lyrics. Elsewhere, the modern feel of the album manifests itself on tracks like Snake Man, which features a rhythm track assembled by DJ Brace, and the harmonica-drenched take on Samhain’s Archangel which leads horror-punk out to a country crossroads at midnight.”

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